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#5: Job Prep

As a roofing expert, the first step in preparing for a roofing project is to ensure that the homeowner and their family are ready a roof installation. This means removing all plants and anything of value that can be moved from around the house and moving it 12 to 15 feet away from the house. It’s also essential to make sure that the contractor has access to power and knows where electrical outlets and hose bibs are located.

Additionally, the homeowner should consider whether they have any children who need to nap, elderly family members who are sensitive to noise, or skittish pets. These factors should be taken into account when planning the timing of the project and finding alternative places for the family and pets to be during the construction process.

Another important consideration is the bathroom situation. If the contractor is not bringing a toilet on site, the homeowner should ensure that the crew has access to a bathroom. It’s a good idea to put floor coverings down to protect the home’s floors if the crew needs to use the bathroom inside.

Clearing the space in front of the house, including the street and driveway, is also crucial to ensure that the crew has easy access to the job site. Homeowners should avoid parking their cars in these areas and give the crew as much space as possible to work on your new roof installation.

When communicating with the crew, it’s important to find out who the lead is and do most of the communication through them. This helps to avoid confusion and ensure that messages are relayed properly. It’s essential to have an understanding that the young men on the crew who are not leads may have a one-track mind and may not always remember to relay messages.

Preparing for a roof installation can be a stressful time for homeowners, but taking the time to properly prepare can help ensure that the project goes smoothly. By following these steps, homeowners can help make the process as easy as possible for both themselves and the roofing crew.

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