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parts of a roof

Understand the Parts of a Roof and How to Maintain Them

Most people rarely think about their roof, until something goes wrong. However, knowing just a little bit about the different parts of the roof, and how to perform basic maintenance can prevent a variety of problems. Basic maintenance on the various parts can also ensure that when problems do arise, they are not catastrophic, requiring an entire replacement. Here’s a helpful guide briefly explaining the parts of a roof, and tips for keeping it in good condition.

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roofing tools

What Roofing Tools Do the Professionals Use?

So, your roof has seen better days. You’re starting to suspect it needs to be replaced. What are the signs that it is time to replace it? What should you expect from professional roofers? What roofing tools will the professionals use? How long will it take to completely re-roof your house? Read on for answers to these questions, and other frequently asked questions about a roof replacement.

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