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Affordable Roof Replacement

– Financing Available –

How much does it cost to replace a roof?

That depends! There are a ton of factors that contribute to the cost of a roof, such as the type of shingles you prefer, accessories, and squarefootage. Luckily we can give you an accurate estimate so you can feel comfortable replacing your roof without any hidden fees. We’ve teamed up with Enhancify to offer roof financing options. Enhancify provides quick and competitive loans, turning the cost of a roof replacement project into an affordable monthly payment. The preliminary loan assessment doesn’t require a credit check until after you have selected the offer that best suits you, and the total amount of the loan can be adjusted as needed after you’re approved. Plus, loans that are pre-approved prior to inspection qualify for a $150 discount! When we’re done, you’ll have all your answers and won’t have to ask yourself, “How much does it cost to replace a roof?”.

Financing helps you:

Get your roof replacement project completed sooner. A healthy roof is crucial to your home’s structural integrity and your well-being. Putting off a much-needed roof replacement for lack of financial flexibility puts you at risk of even further costly repairs.

Keep cash available for unforeseen emergencies. Even if you have the resources to afford your roof replacement project, if paying for that roof would completely drain your financial resources, it may leave you and your family vulnerable to unforeseen emergencies. Financing lets you keep your rainy day fund intact and get the roof you need with low monthly payments.

Have access to money for additional upgrades around your home. Have you ever wanted to install a skylight in a dark room? Perhaps your chimney needs some upkeep? By financing your roof replacement, you open up options that weren’t within your budget before financing.

Eliminate stress. Having a leaky or failing roof is a grey cloud over your head. That sort of stress doesn’t go away until the issue is resolved. Don’t stress; fix your roof and get your life back!

You deserve the peace of mind of having a quality roof over your head. Get pre-approved for your new roof today!