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Oregon Roof Guys caters specifically to Eugene and Springfield residents in need of residential roofing replacement. We understand that having your roof inspected or replaced can be stressful, which is why we have shaped our process to make replacing your home’s roof as simple as can be. We not only know how to do the job, but we know how to do it right. When you choose Oregon Roof Guys, you’re choosing the best team of expert roofers in Lane County.

Timely Bids

When you submit a physical address for your roofing project, either by phone or online, we can determine the necessary materials based on the various dimensions of your roof. We then reach out to schedule a time to inspect your roof’s condition, free of charge. This eliminates any surprises of scope or cost for the project. We put your bid together on site at the time of inspection, review it with you, and answer questions you have of our process and costs. We take the time to empower you to confidently make an informed decision about your roof.

Bid Presentation

This step in our process sets us apart from other residential roofing competitors. We don’t believe that simply emailing your bid is great business. After you call us or submit an online quote request, we ask for 15-20 minutes to present our bid to you, in-person. This allows us to explain the bid in detail, answer any questions you may have and give you better exposure to us and our products. We desire to build a working relationship with you and want to get to know you and better understand your needs. We will schedule this appointment at your convenience, time and place.

After we’ve gotten your project scheduled, we will do our best to complete it in a timely manner. Almost all of our projects can be completed within two days.

residential roofing bid presentation

Scheduling Your Project

In most cases, we schedule projects to begin within 60 days of receiving a signed contract for the work to be performed. This can sometimes vary, based on demand or weather. No matter how busy we are, Oregon Roof Guys will always make room in our schedule for roof replacements.

Job Well Done

Our formulated installation process allows us to maximize job quality and productivity. During the project, our team takes photos throughout the teardown, prep, installation, and completion of your new roof. This allows us to document the project for your own records and ours. Our team not only leaves you with a new roof but a clean job site as well – free of any roofing debris and materials.

Immediately following the completion of your project, a team manager performs a quality control walk-through, ensuring that every aspect meets our standards. You are welcome but not required to join us while we assess our work. Our projects always come with our free Workmanship Warranty, guaranteeing freedom from installation defects for 5 years.

Request a Quote

Ready to get your roof replacement project started? Call our office today or use our quote request form to get the process going!