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Why Oregon Roof Guys? 

Oregon Roof Guys is the best reviewed asphalt shingle roofing company in Lane County. We consistently provide great products, great service, and fair prices.

We invite you to compare our customers’ comments to that of other contractors. Has that roofing contractor been in business at least 10 years? Are they staffed properly to be a full-service company that answers the phone and is able to address needs as they arise?  

Oregon Roof Guys is the best reviewed roofing company because we consistently provide great products, great service, and fair prices. A new roof is no small investment. 

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Days to Complete a Project

The average roof project is completed in 2 ½ days. 

We understand that having your roof done is a disruption, yet, when getting a new roof, fast shouldn’t be your # one priority. Choose a roofing contractor with a reputation you can trust to do the job right and manage the process efficiently.  

There are benefits to a roofing contractor getting the roof done in a day, yet when considering best practices, we choose to stay within our core values. One of our core values is being accountable to the customer. Each section of your roof is assigned to a specific employee and is documented. This allows us to better manage, train and hold our team and ourselves accountable, ensuring every section of your new roof project is done right. This kind of accountability is not always possible when attempting to get a roof done in a day. You never know for sure what you might run into, such as dry rot, once the shingles are removed. Unrealistic expectation of completing a roof in a day creates a huge temptation to not address issues properly. 

Finally, the choice of taking an average of 2 ½ days to complete a project is a matter of safety to our team. Roofing is among the most dangerous industries to work in. The environment that is created by attempting to get a roof project done in a day is an unsafe environment, where employees find themselves working on top of each other.