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Downspout with after getting roof gutter cleaner

How to Safely Get Your Roof Gutter Cleaner

Spring is in full force! That means flowers, sunshine, and gutter cleaning. Getting your roof gutter cleaner should always be a part of your spring-cleaning routine. There are so many reasons you need to clean your gutters, from rot to pests and more. We’ve already written about the importance of cleaning your gutters, and now we’re going to teach you how to do it for yourself the old-fashioned way.


To start, you’ll need gloves, a ladder, something to put the debris in (like garbage bags or a trash can), and a can-do attitude. When you lean your ladder against your roof, ensure it’s secure. You don’t want any give or wiggle as that could be dangerous. You might also consider getting a rope or harness for safety when you get on the roof.


There are a couple of different ways to clean your gutters. Option one is to stay on the ladder and move bit-by-bit around the edge of your roof. This can be quite tedious and puts you at risk of falling off the ladder if you lean too far. Option two is to get on the roof. Working on the roof will be much easier and take less time, but you also need to be aware of your safety. Never turn your back to the edge of the roof. You’re putting yourself at a higher risk of falling if you do. You could even sit down as you clean the gutters for greater stability. Bring a leaf blower with you and blast those gutters clean to make the process faster. A backpack blower is going to be your best friend in this case.


Once you have all the leaves and twigs out of the gutter, you will run the hose through your gutters to ensure a good, clean flow. While you’re at it, check the elbows and downspouts. If you want to go the extra mile, take them off completely to check for blockages. If you have a jam, use a snake to loosen the clog and run your hose through it.


That’s it! Getting your roof gutter cleaner is essential to your home’s safety and overall health. Now that spring is here, it’s essential to get all that debris and buildup out of there to make way for those April showers. While you’re up there, take a look at how your roof is looking. If you think it’s time for a replacement, or if you don’t know what to look for, give Oregon Roof Guys a call. We will provide you with a free estimate for all your roofing needs. We’re the #1 roofer in Lane County for a reason. Call us to find out why.